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I always say “Everyone can paint!”

Hi everyone! My name is Arale and I’m a self-taught silk artist and have been offering workshops since 2009.

I did a little bit of drawing when I was younger, but did not start painting until 2008. What got me started was moving to Doha Qatar. I went to a bookstore and decided to buy supplies: my first set of Marabu silk paint set and outliners.


Why did I choose silk painting?

Quite simply, I chose it because I never heard about it before. I thought it will be fun to try something new. And if my silk paintings didn’t work out, I could try something else.

I didn’t have any experience or professional training. I just started by searching it on the Internet and watching videos on YouTube. At first I made a lot of mistakes, such as rough outliner lines and paint running through the outlines. I continued practicing and improved as I got more of a feel of the paints and silk.

Today, I use dyes for my work and paints for workshops. Paints are easier to handle and set, so students can take their finished pieces after class.


Why did I start teaching?

I had my first “workshop” in 2009 with a few friends who were interested to try silk painting. Soon after, I started to receive a lot of requests to do workshops. Offering silk painting workshops became popular enough that I turned my hobby into my career.

Much of my painting career was lucky circumstance, and I am still amazed by the journey every time I think about how I got here! With 10+ years teaching silk painting, I truly see the power of nurturing creativity for wellbeing. This became my passion to help others to be creative and feel a sense of achievement in life. Also it is a great way to relax and refocus too!

So I invite you to be part of my silk painting workshop and to experience and find your own style of painting on silk. Painting is a pleasure and should never be a struggle.

I want you to enjoy it as much as I do. Everyone can paint!


“ This was a wonderful experience. I have never taken an art class before (stick people are my specialty at best) so this was way out of my comfort zone. I can tell you that this silk painting class was fun, relaxing and not difficult. If I can do it anyone can!! I would encourage anyone who has thought about taking an art class to gather a couple of friends, make it a girls day out and sign up for silk painting with Arale. She is a very talented artist and a great instructor. I will definitely sign up again.”

Donna Grbich

"Looking for a peaceful experience? I highly recommend signing up for one of Arale’s classes. I was concerned having no artistic ability at all however, Arale is a great instructor and gave me all the encouragement I needed. This was so much fun and I would definitely come back to try my hand at it again."

Deirdre Dixon

"I have done two silk painting classes offered by Arale. The classes have been so much fun! Arale arranges everything needed for you to have a positive experience. She is very adept at managing expectations and nurturing your own creativity. Arale is personable and ensures a comfortable and rewarding class. Looking forward to my next one with her!"

Linda G Peters