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How long have you been painting?

I began painting at a very young age but only really began seriously working on my crafy whilst relocating in Doha, Qatar in 2008. As such, I have been offering my paintings for sale and workshops since 2009.

How many paintings do you create a year?

I strive to create 1-2 small paintings each month. Every now and then I will work on a larger piece that usually takes about a few weeks to paint. And I usually take Summer off for workshops. In 2019, I was able to complete 38 paintings.

What painting medium do you use?

I work primarily with silk dyes. I prefer working with dyes on silk as I love the luscious feel of silk and the finished painting will become permanent once I steam set it. The painting is then washable, ironable and foldable, make them great to ship internationally. I use silk paints in my workshops, I like they are ready to use, easy for beginners to handle and easy to set. All of the material that I utilize are professional grade. I have also always made it a priority to use completely non-toxic paints and painting mediums in my work and classes.

How do you price your paintings?

I charge by square inch (plus framing cost) and also take into consideration the amount of time invested in each individual piece as some subjects have quite a bit more detail than others. For 2020, it’s approximately $1 CAD a square inch. Every six months I reaccess my prices and have steadily been increasing them over the last few years.

Do you do commissions or custom work?

Yes. I absolutely love working on special projects. Contact me if you would love to have something painted on silk.

Do you offer workshops?

Yes. I offer workshops for children age 4+, teens and adults. There are project-based as well as a continuous course. Contact me for more information.

Will you paint another version of your painting?

Occasionally, I will take on a request to repaint one of my paintings in a larger format. Or adopt my sold painting to create another unique piece.

Dyes on silk 
20" x 20"
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