Arale Vallely

Christmas Exhibition

This year, I've worked on a few floral paintings on silk like the hydrangea from my garden. I have also been working on some whimsical paintings based on colorful fish and coral. You will also find a few new "abstract" paintings illustrating body movement that I have been exploring since October.

I am also sharing my handmade silk jewelry as a Christmas gift idea (click the link to see them). To see more of my artworks, please go to the "Gallery".

Despite the warm weather, I've been in "Christmas season" mode since I saw the first snow. Covid-19 won't stop me from sending holiday wishes around. Haha!

If you have questions about my paintings or you would love to see more photos or in person. Feel free to contact me: or fill in the contact form here. I will get back to you asap.

Thank you for your visit! Please let me extend my warmest wishes for a happy and safe holiday season.


*I do not do prints of my work, I solely sell the original piece of painting as I want my clients to enjoy the feel of the silk, each piece of work is unique with it effort and emotion. *

*Please check Master Price List for details. More photos are available upon request.*
*Images are for reference only - they may not be up to scale*