I have always found flowers bewitching. My aim as an artist is to capture the essence and soul of each bloom and present it in a way which cannot otherwise be readily seen. I take high resolution photos of the subjects and select the section that speaks to me. Then I enlarge the image and try to capture the details that often invisible to the naked eye, like the tiny specimen, or the light and shadows between the pedals. In this way, each flower is reinvented and reborn. This process often takes hours of preparation to produce one design, before my actual process of painting on silk can begin.

My paintings display things with a twist of light and shadow, to capture the beauty in a moment.  I do hope, that the simple fusion of humble beauty, tactile softness, and bright energy of these simple objects can bring a smile to someone’s day.


*I solely sell the original piece of painting. I want my clients to enjoy the feel of the silk, each piece of work is unique with it effort and emotion.*