“When the dye has been contained in the right way I find myself feeling relief - a sense of achievement and control. I feel that if I can control something so uncontrollable, I can somehow also control my surroundings. It is like my outer world is reflected in my artwork"

About Me

Born in Hong Kong, I am a silk artist living in London Ontario, Canada where four seasons provide constant inspiration. My artwork depicts various flowers from the garden or nearby nurseries. I also love to cook and eat, I find it is interesting to paint fruits, vegetables or baked goods from my kitchen.

I spent my childhood making arts & crafts and playing music at school. It is very important to me to be creative. As I get older, I found painting became a way of capturing memories in life.

I am a self-taught silk artist. I came across silk painting in 2008 when I moved to Doha Qatar from Hong Kong. I fell in love with the bright bold colors and decided to train myself in this medium. I am constantly inspired by surroundings. My Arabic theme “Naina” series was popular in Doha Qatar among the locals and expats. I was invited to participate in an Art Symposium event at CNAQ in 2012, where I was the only non-Arab artist among the 10 participants.

Living in Canada has given me a new focus of painting subjects, which I get inspired by the colors and lights of nature. I enjoy painting almost every type of flower. And I love to control as much as I can with the uncontrollable dye to paint the details of the subject on silk. Sometimes I paints vivid and vibrant patterns a little reminiscent of stained-glass.

Since 2009, I have sought to share my knowledge and passion of silk art. I enjoy maintaining connections with past students around the world, to help provide guidance and inspiration. I offer one to one and group classes to kids and adults. I believe nurturing one's creativity has positive effects on wellbeing.

I am exciting to tell more people about the joy of silk art. I have been participating London Artists’ Studio Tour since I relocated here, and enjoy sharing my art journey on social media. I encourage everyone to try this medium.